Kayflex Care Instruction

At Kayflex, we are committed to manufacturing quality products which offer outstanding value for money for our customers. For the best possible results from your mattress it is IMPORTANT that you read and adhere to the following guidelines. 

Caring For Your Kayflex Mattress

1. Your Kayflex mattress has been vacuum packed using the latest technology for ease of storage and transportation. Your mattress should not be kept rolled for longer than necessary. Ideally your mattress should be unpacked immediately and certainly no later than 3 months from date of purchase.

2. You should unpack your mattress carefully to avoid any damage. Be careful if using sharp instruments and keep any wrappings away from the reach of children.

3 Your mattress may have a slight odour to begin with but this will disperse over time. This is perfectly normal and the chemicals used are non toxic, however please allow the Mattress time to air properly prior to initial use .Continue to allow the mattress to air on a regular basis throughout its initial use to speed up the dispersal of any odors.

4. Your Mattress initially will take a few hours to expand to its full height.

5. Regular rotation of your mattress is necessary every month to allow the foam to settle evenly. We recommend a rotation of 180 degrees. This will also enable the fillings to settle evenly. Even with regular turning and or rotating, some impressions will remain in the Mattress which is normal. Be careful when rotating your mattress as the foam can easily be damaged and pulled away from the edges.

6 Your mattress should be kept on a solid base for best results, however bases with slats should not have gaps any wider than 5cm (2″) or the warranty may be affected

7 Your mattress is designed for even weight dispersal whilst sleeping. Sitting on the mattress edge for long periods of time may cause stress and damage to the mattress which may affect the warranty.

8 Your mattress may have a removable cover which should be dry cleaned. We do not recommend cleaning the covers via washing machine or a tumble dryer as either could shrink and damage the cover

9. A mattress protector should be used to keep your mattress clean and free from body perspiration also Spillages and soiling on the mattress will affect the performance of your mattress and also your warranty and guarantee.

10. If you have never slept on a Memory Foam Mattress this will be a whole new experience and will feel different to more traditional mattress constructions.Please Allow a period of time to adjust to the sleeping surface before realizing the benefits of a mattress of this type.

11. Do not remove the fire label on your mattress. This has your individual batch code. Removal will void the warranty.

Soiled mattresses will invalidate your warranty. This includes water damage, body perspiration, spills and any body fluid.

Kayflex 5 Year Warranty

At Kayflex we take pride in manufacturing a product which we believe to be not only value for money, but which also has been produced with care and attention by our highly skilled and experienced craftsmen.

Such is our confidence in the quality and workmanship that goes into the manufacture of our products, that we offer a minimum 12 month guarantee effective from the original date of purchase.

In the unlikely event that any problem is found during the first year of its use, which is attributable to poor workmanship or faulty raw materials, then in the first instance please report this matter to your retailer, and providing the care instructions have been followed, Kayflex will undertake to repair or replace the product completely free of charge.

In addition to our manufactures 12 month guarantee, your purchase has a further 4 year limited warranty (foam only). Should your product develop a manufacturing defect within this timescale you may be able to claim on the warranty. The warranty is effective from the date of purchase and in order to claim you must be in possession of the original receipt of purchase. In the first instance please report this matter to your retailer, preferably in writing via letter or e-mail stating the nature of the fault backed up by photographic evidence. Under the terms of our warranty we will impose a charge on a sliding scale based on the age of the mattress plus delivery costs. The older the item, the more you will be required to contribute.

Up to 12 months = Free of charge replacement

1 to 2 Years = 20% charge of the purchase price (excluding courier charges)

2 to 3 years = 40% charge of the purchase price (excluding courier charges)

3 to 4 years = 60% charge of the purchase price (excluding courier charges)

4 to 5 years = 80% charge of the purchase price (excluding courier charges)

As we at Kayflex continually develop and update our product range and identical replacement may not be available at the time. In such an event, you will receive a comparable replacement product. Kayflex reserves the right to change any material used in the manufacturing process at any time.

Exclusions to the Warranty

The warranty will not cover a fault if it is deemed to show any of the following:

  • Any abuse, misuse or general wear and tear.
  • Any causes other than faulty manufacture or materials.
  • Where the product has not been protected and is in a soiled or unsanitary condition.
  • The use of an unsuitable base or foundation (see Care Guide).
  • Where the Product Care Guide instructions have not been adhered to.

NB: It is not uncommon through constant usage that the mattress to have permanent indentations up to 2.5cm. This is most commonly caused by customers own sleep patterns. Similarly softening of the foam over time is normal and does not constitute a manufacturing fault. Unfortunately, perceptions of comfort and firmness levels are largely subjective and as such are not covered by this warranty.

The terms of this warranty are not transferable and this does not affect your statutory rights.